• Blueberry Festival Schedule

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    Mark Your Calendars Today!

    Dates for the 2018 Machias Wild Blueberry Festival

    August 17, 18, 19, 2018


    2018 Festival Schedule

    (Times Subject to Change)

    $ = cost involved
    “CSCC” = Centre Street Congregational Church
    Schedule is subject to change

    Click here to download the festival map.

    Sunday, August 12

    TIME                 EVENT                                                                               LOCATION
    10:00 am          Worship Service to kick off the Blueberry Festival.  Then, we will have a Blueberry Drop from the steeple of Centre Street Congregational Church. The Blueberry Drop will happen after the service during coffee fellowship, which will feature blueberry muffins, around 11:15. Everyone is welcome to come to the service or just come watch this exciting event. This heralds the start of the Blueberry Festival week.
    Tuesday, August 14
    6:30 pm

    Sneak Preview Blueberry Musical Comedy

    A Mermaid’s Tale

    CSCC $
    Wednesday, August 15
    7 pm

    Blueberry Musical

    A Mermaid’s Tale

    CSCC $
    Thursday, August 16
    7 pm

    Blueberry Musical

    A Mermaid’s Tale

    CSCC $
    Friday, August 17
    9 am- 5 pm Craft Booths on the Church Commons
    9 am–11 am Blueberry Cooking Contest Entries accepted  Machias Savings Bank Community Room
    11 am Blueberry Farm Tour Directions at CSCC Information Booth
    4 pm-7 pm Special Preview Book Sale Event Porter Memorial Library
    4:30 pm-6:30 pm All you can eat Fish Fry CSCC Tent $
    4 pm-6 pm Zappledan, blues,  50 & 60’s, music duo CSCC steps
    5:45 pm Children’s parade forms Machias Valley Baptist Church, Broadway St
    6 pm Children’s parade
    Cooking Contest winners announced after the parade
    CSCC steps
    7 pm Children’s entertainment University of Maine, Machias
    7 pm

    Blueberry Musical

    A Mermaid’s Tale

    CSCC $
    Saturday, August 18
    6:30 am-10:30 am Blueberry Pancake Breakfast, (or until we run out) CSCC Vestry $
    6 am Blueberry Run Registration 118 Court Street $
    8 am Blueberry Run Begins 118 Court Street
    8 am-10 am Pie Eating Contest Registration CSCC Steps
    9 am-5 pm Brian Giles, Master of Ceremonies Announcing from CSCC steps
    9 am-5 pm Craft booths
    9 am-5 pm Free Shuttle Service Between Hannaford and Downtown
    9 am-3 pm Porter Memorial Library Book Sale Court Street
    9 am Food and Crafts Masonic Hall, Centre Street $
    9 am-3 pm Burnham Tavern Tours Colonial Way $
    9:30 am Blueberry Run awards Court Street
    10:00 am- 2:00 Unites States Postal Service Stamp Cancelation Next to CSCC steps
    10 am-2 pm Blueberry Quilts Exhibit CSCC, Sanctuary
    10 am-
    2 pm
    Washington County Children’s Program Kid’s Zone CSCC church commons, under the yellow and white Tent
    11 am Pie Eating contest CSCC steps

    11:30 am-

    3 pm

    CSCC dessert buffet CSCC Vestry $
    11 am-2 pm Food Court CSCC Tent $

    12 pm-1 pm

    12 pm-12:30 pm

    Wenona’s Band

    Climate 911 Puppet Show

    CSCC Steps

    Yellow and White Tent on the church commons.

    12:30 pm Free shuttle ride from Hannaford to Blueberry Farm Tour Hannaford, Dublin St
    1 pm Blueberry Farm Tour at Welch Farms 186 Roque Bluffs Rd,
    Roque Bluffs
    1 pm Ukelele Band CSCC steps

    2 pm


    The Amazing Magic of Wes Booth

    Country music band, “Timber creek”


    CSCC church commons, under the yellow and white tent

    On the Centre Street Church steps


    3 pm Old Timer’s Band CSCC steps
    4:30 pm 4:30 Baked Bean Supper Masonic Hall, Centre St $
    5:00 pm
    Blueberry Bowl
     Youth American Football

    Washington Academy Football Field

    During the Machias Wild Blueberry Festival

    7:00 pm

    Blueberry Musical

    A Mermaid’s Tale

    CSCC $
    Sunday, August 19
    9 am- 3 pm Brian Giles, Master of Ceremonies Announcing from CSCC steps
    9 am-3 pm Craft Booths
    9:55 am Ringing of the Paul Revere Bell for Call to Worship CSCC
    10 am Community Worship Service CSCC
    11 am-1 pm Food Court CSCC Tent $
    11 am-2 pm CSCC Dessert Buffet CSCC Vestry $
    1 pm

    The Ancient

    Live Celtic Music

    CSCC sanctuary. A free will donation will be gratefully accepted.
    2 pm Drawing for the winner of this year’s Blueberry Quilt CSCC steps

    Schedule of events is subject to change