• Blueberry Festival Musical Comedy

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    2019 Blueberry Festival Musical Comedy: Blueberries on the Roof

    Osbourne (Obie) Smith is the patriarch of Smithfield Farms, a huge parcel of blueberry fields along the coast of Washington County.  With a large, extended family of poppas, mommas, sons and daughters – their lucrative blueberry grounds are threatened by rising sea levels. Anticipating the need for a new seaport as shipping lanes thru the Arctic become available, interested parties want to acquire Smithfield Farms.  The Smiths do not consider that a good idea.  After all, there is tradition.

    Not being able to hold back the inevitable tide, Smithfield Farm’s blueberries are flooded just before harvest time.  Fearing the whole crop is lost the Smith’s brainstorm for ideas.

    Blueberry Fairies and the Machias Wild Blueberry Tambourine Corp, will undoubtedly come to the rescue!                                       

    Tickets go on sale 7/1/19

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    Click here to view a map of the musical seating plan.

    Musical Schedule

    Please note that ticket prices include a processing fee for all tickets, whether purchased on-line or at the church.

    Sneak Preview: We offer a Tuesday night sneak preview.  The doors open at 6 p.m., with the show starting at 6:30. Special pricing for tonight’s show: All tickets $5.00.  The town band does not play for this performance.

    Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday performances: Doors open at 6:15. Adults $16.75, Children (12 and under) $8.50. The Machias Town Band plays at 7, and the show begins at 7:30.


     To order DVD’s of this year, or previous year shows, click on the link below.