• New This Year at the Machias Wild Blueberry Festival

    Adirondack Chairs
    This year’s festival will highlight a special collaborative art project between the Machias Bay Area Chamber of Commerce and the Machias Wild Blueberry Festival, where local artists will volunteer to paint wooden Adirondack chairs, focusing on the blueberry industry of this area. The chairs will be sponsored by local businesses and then displayed outside those sponsoring businesses all around Machias. Beauty and a place to rest! In early fall, an auction will be held and the chairs will be sold with all the proceeds to go to the Machias Area Food Pantry, which is a project of Centre Street Congregational Church.

    While visiting the festival, take the opportunity to both admire and sit in one of these chairs. Sit down and relax and “Get Comfortable in Machias!”

    For more information about this project, contact the Machias Bay Chamber of Commerce at 207-255-4402 0r send an email to: info@machiaschamber.com

    “Inspired by Nature” Photo Contest Hosted by Downeast Coastal Conservancy
    Downeast Coastal Conservancy is pleased to host their first photo contest! Celebrate the natural beauty of coastal Washington County and help inspire the continued protection of the landscapes you love by sharing your best photos with us. Click here to learn more!

    If the sight and smell of everything blueberry isn’t enough to delight the senses, this year’s festival will feature talented, wandering street performers, otherwise known as Buskers. The Buskers will weave their way through the crowd, sharing their many talents. You might see a musician or a juggler, or a dancer. Whatever form this talent takes, it’s sure to please!

    • Musical Comedy: Blueberry to the Future